Term Sheets

Healthy Futures Fund makes investments in Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects through National Equity Fund, Inc., a national syndicator of housing credits. (NEF is an affiliate of LISC and NMSC.)  Morgan Stanley is providing the Housing Credit equity.

NEF has more than 25 years of experience in the Housing Credit business, with a $9 billion portfolio of affordable housing investments.  The NEF team works with developers and investors to make sure projects thrive through the 15 years required by Housing Credit regulations, and beyond.  Learn more about NEF.

HFF housing investments follow NEF's general Project Investment Terms, with some very specific health care-related enhancements.

  • LIHTC project must have either an FQHC on-site or linkages with a nearby FQHC or community health center to provide services to residents.
  • Priority is given to projects located in LISC markets.
  • Fund is primarily focused on family deals, with senior deals a secondary focus 

Partner lending information

Our Fund partners have lending programs that frequently support development of affordable housing.