Project Examples

Partners in the Healthy Futures Fund provide New Markets Tax Credits, investment capital and development expertise to help bring new community health centers to underserved areas. Investments to-date include:

Family Health Center, Omak, WA

The Healthy Futures Fund provided $6.6 million in financing to relocate and expand the Family Health Center’s main clinic in the rural Washington town of Omak. Nearly quadrupling the size of the medical clinic and doubling the size of its pharmacy with the expansion, the health center implemented strategies to improve transit options so critical to access services in rural communities. A new public transit stop is co-located with the new clinic and a voucher program was established to make available private transit options for patients.

Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, Brockton, MA

The Healthy Futures Fund provided $8.4 million to support an innovative partnership between the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center and Vicente’s Supermarkets. The two redeveloped a blighted commercial site in this low-income community to co-locate a new primary care clinic with a new grocery store--with the partners working together on programs that will help residents better understand nutrition and how to prepare healthy food. They are also reaching out to nearby affordable housing providers to offer nutrition education to their residents as well.

Advance Community Health, Raleigh, NC

With $11.75 million in financing, the Healthy Futures Fund is helping Advance Community Health, formerly Wake Health Services, build and expand a 35,000-square-foot clinic. Serving the low-income residents of Southeast Raleigh, the new clinic consolidated services offered at two smaller centers, reduce its operating costs so the health center can provide services to more patients, and move other supportive services like workforce development, literacy training and nutrition education into an adjacent building.

Neighborhood Health Association, Toledo, OH

The Healthy Futures Fund invested $6.5 million to help the Neighborhood Health Association replace several outdated clinics with a larger, state-of-the-art facility. In addition to a wide range of primary care services, the new building will house a credit union, a community garden to promote healthy eating, and a low-cost pharmacy.

Unity Health Care Clinic at the Conway Center, Washington, DC

So Others Might Eat, a not-for-profit social service and affordable housing provider, developed the 300,000 square foot Conway Center to bring affordable housing, primary care services, employment training and economic development opportunities together in one location, all adjacent to a metro stop for ease of access. Housing residents and community members will have access to outreach and health education programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles. The Healthy Futures Fund provided $14 million to finance the clinic and $22 million for the affordable housing.